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flight Documentation

Documents Required

Domestic Flights [within South Africa]

  • Identity Document/Card or Driver’s Licence
  • Be at the airport 1 hour before your departure time

Top Tip

Check in online and receive your boarding pass via your smart phone.

International Flights [outside the borders of South African, regional and international]

  • Identity Document/Card or Driver’s License
  • Valid passport with an expiry date that is not less than six months before travelling
  • Valid visa to your destination
  • Valid vaccination Certificate
  • Purchasing of travel insurance is mandatory and it is sold with your ticket

Who must complete a traveller declaration?

This declaration must be completed by travellers in terms of the Customs & Excise Act No. 91 of 1964

    • Frequent travellers (daily or weekly) need only complete the traveller declaration on a yearly basis if registered with the applicable office.
    • Parents or guardians should assist minors to complete the declaration.

Channels – Red or Green at airports and some border crossings.

After collecting your baggage you must proceed to the Red (Goods to Declare) or Green (Nothing to Declare) channel

      • If you have in your possession any prohibited / restricted goods and / or goods which fall outside your duty free allowance, or if you are unsure whether any goods in your possession fall within these categories, please proceed to the Red Channel.
      • If the goods in your possession fall within your duty free allowance and you not have any prohibited and restricted goods in your possession, please proceed to the Green Channel.

Top Tip

When traveling in and outside of South Africa, you are required to complete travel declaration form. You can complete the form online this form must be completed 24hrs before traveling. You can also download the form below as well as the customs guide document.

Do you have any questions?

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